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OOFILE C++ Database - OOFILE is a cross-platform development environment for c++ shipped as royalty-free source code. If you know even a little C, you know how to write database queries and use OOFILE!

Using c-tree Plus Engine - c-tree Plus is a world-renowned ISAM engine that's very lean and scalable. OOFILE provides an even more poweful way to use c-tree with an API much friendler to C++ programmers at all levels of expertise.

XML - the efficient and powerful open source expatpp which provides:
1) a c++ wrapper around the popular C-based expat making it easier to use
2) "sub-parsers" which can be invoked like subroutines to parse just a few tags inside a known structure, vastly simplifying complex parsers.

Cross-Platform Development - OOFILE is compiled and run on most c++ development platforms worldwide. It has been used on at least 15 different compilers and OS including OS/2, Unix of various persuasion (including Data General!) and of course Windows and Macintosh.

For application portability, our PP2MFC and Windows Generator for AppMaker allow you to develop applications on Mac which efficiently compile on Windows.

Open Source Tools - Almost all of OOFILE is Open Source including the full database API, report-writer, forms and utility classes. You are also free to develop your own database backends for OOFILE to be released as Open Source or commercial products - we may even promote them for you!

Report Writer - The OOFILE report-writer is a cross-platform, open-source report-writer for c++ with Mac and Windows preview and printing, XML, RTF, HTML and plain text output on these plus Unix systems.

Macintosh Application Developer - OOFILE "bleeds six colours". OOFILE is developed first and foremost on the Mac. Faircom's c-tree Plus ISAM engine was selected for the OOFILE Professional backend because of the Macintosh support..




Assorted REALbasic demo programs and useful source.

minor OOFILE updates - string and array classes, mainly for PocketPC compatibility and as separate utility archive for people just using oofString.

expatpp beta compatible with SourceForge version
works on OS/X, PocketPC and Windows

cppUnit examples for CodeWarrior on Macintosh


Restored long-lost Conventions document

OOFILE generated reference updated from both Macintosh and Windows perspective (important only for GUI and report-writer classes)

Updated FAQ clarifying OOFILE Mac-only question.


Blog on Artima

Example of running RB2Doxy over a REALbasic program to generate documentation using Doxygen. Rb2Doxy is now hosted on Google Code.

REALbasic Thoughts (updated for 2007r1)

OOFILE vs Suneido

Tinderbox™ outliner tips and opinions

Data Entry and QBE for Naive Users with Sparse, Coded Data

Cocoa Development FAQ with a PowerPlant bias (for Mac developers converting to OS/X)

Paper Prototyping with OS/X and Graphire

Search and Report UI Design

Andy's Aphorisms

UIDesign Examples showing even more examples of past UI's designed by Andy Dent and now with links to some good articles on Personas