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Starting as a Macintosh developer in the eighties, user interface design and software usability have long been a passion of mine and I've actively sought contracts where I could be involved in product design.

I believe strongly in iterative design, paper prototyping and software design driven by user stories (recently branded as Personas by Cooper Interactive Design, see other links below).

As an avid collector of technical books and reader in the field I've developed my own set of prejudices and favourite authors. Alan Cooper frequently writes provocative material and he and his organisation have presented ideas that are derivative without much attribution to others in the field. However, his books are often worth reading.

I'm a big fan of Bruce Tognazzini, dating back to his early Apple days.



My examples

Professional Application Examples

These examples are from products that are either multiple award winners or local custom systems which have had many years of satisfied users.

Consumer Application Example


Design Techniques


Other Links

Some UI Books.

Jakob Nielsen's column on web usability - http://www.useit.com/alertbox/

Tog's blog - http://www.asktog.com/

Good articles on Personas