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Cross-platform development

OOFILE is compiled and run on most c++ development platforms worldwide. 

For application portability, our PP2MFC and Windows Generator for AppMaker allow you to develop applications on Mac which efficiently compile on Windows.

OOFILE has been used on at least 15 different compilers and OS including OS/2, Unix of various persuasion (including Mac OS/X, Solaris, AIX, Linux, and even Data General!) and of course Windows and Macintosh.

OOFILE seeks to be the "other half" of application development, providing all the support you need for your business logic. This includes:

  1. database programming
  2. file handling
  3. string handling
  4. date and time parsing and relative expressions (using our oofDate and similar standalone fields).
  5. reporting
  6. forms integration for data entry

For Mac application developers, our PP2MFC product provides even more portability of business logic written for the PowerPlant framework, including event handling and view manipulation.

Some parts of OOFILE are necessarily implemented in a per-platform or per-framework API, mainly in forms integration. Where this is needed, the same calls are overloaded for local classes.

Consider hooking up your database to a form on a dialog: on the Mac, you may call linkField(LTextEdit*) with the PowerPlant framework. on Windows, you would be calling linkField(CEdit*)

In both cases you are passing in a local editing object to the same OOFILE method.

Our current cross-platform plans include extending the Report-Writer and forms frameworks by adding support for the wxWindows framework.

This will add GUI preview and printing of reports under Unix and a viable alternative to MFC on MS Windows. (The Mac version of wxWindows is of academic interest as we already have a strong native Mac and Mac OS/X product).