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"the cross-platform OODBMS that speaks c++"
also draws graphs!

OOFILE is a cross-platform OODBMS framework. It also has a number of ancillary frameworks that provide features to compete with 4GL's, including this graphing framework, which is part of the Open Source OOFILE.

The graphing engine takes data in the form of an OOFILE database view.

If you are using another database engine, it is trivial to iterate through and create an OOFILE database in RAM. This lets you take advantage of the OOFILE tools without committing to our database engine.

In addition, with AppMaker you can draw an interface and generate the entire application with all these editing windows already connected to the data - no coding necessary.

OOFGraph is shipped as C++ source code. It is a Mac and Windows product - the same source compiles on both platforms. We also have GIF generation in development, using the GD library.

The current Mac version of OOFGraph draws in a PowerPlant pane. If you want to use OOFGraph in other frameworks please let us know. The core engine of OOFGraph is platform-neutral and the drawing code is Mac toolbox level code, only the final presentation layer is linked to PowerPlant. The same applies to the Windows version, with MFC classes used for the graph windows.

We are interested in a wxWindows port of the OOFILE presentation classes for Unix support (OOFILE already runs under Unix providing the database engine, file handling utilities and non-GUI report writer). Please contact wxwindows@oofile.com.au if you can help or are interested in this port.


Macintosh CodeWarrior demo of OOFGraph business graphing framework for 68K and PPC.

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