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See expatpp under XML for XML parsing tools.

Almost all of OOFILE is Open Source (under the Mozilla License 1.1) including the full database API, report-writer, forms and utility classes.

included is a database backend that allows you to build databases in RAM that are persistent to disk with a simple stream in/out model. ie: you can save, open & revert an entire document.

Our other database backends are commercial products supporting Faircom's c-tree Plus® ISAM engine and our own dBase-compatible engine.

You are also free to develop your own database backends for OOFILE to be released as Open Source or commercial products - we may even promote them for you!

We are keen to get new people involved in the OOFILE Open Source project and have many projects of varying size to match the amount of time you can spare. Please look at our draft policies on how the Open Source project should be run.


Why go Open Source?

OOFILE is a broad product family and so allows us (and anyone else) to market commercial add-ons whilst still having the bulk of the product Open Source. The Open Source database, GUI interfaces and report writer are sufficiently fully-featured that you can use them to build real applications, people have done so and thanked us.

Some organisations have been able to fund further development of portions of OOFILE simply because it is Open Source, without getting into wrangles over funding someone else's IP. (Thanks in particular for SuperSoftware's support in dramatically improving the image handling and RTF output of the report writer.)

The commercial database backends are there for when you want to scale up your application.

Forthcoming commercial products will continue to be extensions of the core architecture and as we make improvements they are always fed back into the core.

As a beneficiary of much help from the Internet community over the years (since early netnews in 1989) I've wanted to give something back. If you use OOFILE or any of our other free products, a bit of feedback is appreciated.

Note that our expatpp XML layer has always been open source, in thanks for the expat Open Source product on which it is based.