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Using c-tree Plus® Engine

c-tree Plus is a world-renowned ISAM engine that's very lean and scalable.
See http://www.faircom.com for more details.

OOFILE gives c++ access to c-tree without getting in the way of this efficiency. The OOFILE database API was designed to make it easier to bring junior programmers up to speed, being similar in many ways to dBase or the "4th Dimension" database languages.

That ease of use is also valued by a few not-so-junior programmers when it comes to wrestling with deadlines at 2am. OOFILE was designed to make it harder to make mistakes by keeping the API unambigous - we ran focus groups online for months designing the API and anything which could be misinterpreted was reworked until the syntax was obvious to the majority.

Even after all that usability work, OOFILE continues to help you with either compile-time errors or runtime debug messages quickly identifying errors declaring or manipulating your database.

Many of the features that the OOFILE database API adds to c-tree Plus are simply not available in the c-tree Plus engine and would require hundreds of lines of application code, such as non-indexed searching and sorting. OOFILE allows you to write your application code reqardless of index structure and choose to add c-tree indexes where appropriate for performance.



expatpp C++ wrapper for expat - XML Parser Toolkit


See all OOFILE classes in our reference manual.