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Our current main XML product is expatpp which provides:
1) a c++ wrapper around expat making it easier to override
2) "sub-parsers" which can be invoked like sub-routines to parse just a few tags inside a known structure.

Our OOFILE Open Source Report Writer uses expatpp to read in report layouts, styles, database schema and data. In particular it offers a bunch of example code showing how the sub-parsers can be used. We have sub-parsers for layout, database schema etc.

The database schema that OOFILE reads and writes is a minor variant on the XML-Data nascent standard, with extensions to make it a bit more usable identifying data types.

There are also OOFILE utility classes such as oofTagMaker to make it easy to write XML.

The utility classes in OOFILE can be used with just inclusion of oofXML.cpp, oofString.cpp and oofArray.cpp in your project.

We have used expatpp on Macintosh and Windows (including WinCE), within applications and QuickTime components. It has also been used on Unix by several e-commerce and web application sites.

Further XML-related commercial products are under development in 2003.



expatpp C++ wrapper for expat - XML Parser Toolkit


Simplifying complex parsers using expatppNesting.

Download expatpp kits